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VILLA LA MADONNINA: Discover by boat

It is a completely different experience is to see the Amalfi coast from the seaside. You have multiple alternatives to explore this:

Rent a boat/yacht with and without a crew

Explore yourself or with a captain the beauties of the Amalfi coast and Capri. Go along the coast, stop where we want, go swimming, have lunch in one of the excellent seafood restaurants along the coast or on Capri. All of them have a valet “parking” service. As you get closer, wave and make yourself understood that you want to eat. A boat will come and bring you to the restaurant. Often boats with the name of the restaurants are already waiting. Some restaurants display the phone number so you can just call them.

Drive yourself

With a 40 HP boat (the most powerful you can rent without license it takes about 1,5 – 2 hours to go to Capri. For boat rental call La Sibilla Tel. 089 874365, phone: 334 3078344, in Marina di Praia, web site:, they will come with the boat to the platform of Villa la Madonnina (if the waves allow it).

We travel along the scenic coast as far as to Capri, have a lunch in Bagni di Tiberio (see a description here in the Wine and Dine section of our web site and there Capri) and then go around Capri. If we only want to have a lunch we go to one of the sea side restaurants. You find a description also in the Wine and Dine section.

A guest recently recommended to visit Positano by boat which is an excellent idea. I thank him for that. “We know from last time that Positano is not a great place to drive to because of the crowds.  Once again we rented a Gommone from La Sibilia and know it is a much better way to go to and from Positano.  Parking in the harbor for two hours was about 20 Euro.In Positano, we went near the dock from the beach (see “1” on map).  From there one of the red boats will come by and ask if you want to stay.  Then they will have you follow them to somewhere near “2” on the map.  They do all the work and tie your boat to a mooring.  You then board their boat and they take you to the dock.  Much nicer than waiting for a parking spot!”

When you want to visit the Positano by boat, here is the description where to hand over your boat

Go out for a boat trip with a captain

with a captain either on a special trip only for you and your party or on a scheduled excursion. You discover the beauty and delights of the Amalfi and Sorrento coast. For many of our guests this was one of the highlights of their vacation. The boat can come to the platform below the villa and pick you up (if the waves are not too high). Contact Francesco: web site: Princess Boat tours Tel.: +39 339808 1409

Join a scheduled excursion

Check the offerings at Marina di Praia or with more choices in Amalfi.

Take a regular scheduled boat starting at Amalfi or Positano to Capri, Sorrento or Naples.

From Sorrento to Capri and Ischia there are frequently ferries. Also in winter boats take off regularly to Capri. See the departure/arrival time here: Boat schedule

Rent a paddleboat or a stand up board


Last but not least you can rent a paddleboat or a stand up board in nearby Marina di Praia and discover the coves and bays of the coast:, Tel:. +39 3394835155, Windsurf Praino