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By car:

If you plan to use a car on the Amalfitana I would recommend rent a rather small one. This will enable you to master the many curves just like an Italian.
In Marina di Praia: Fee parking along side the road down to the valley.
In Marina di Furore: Park on the left side of the road as close as possible to the rock. Only a few spaces are available.
In Amalfi: Fee parking. If you are lucky, you find a space at the main square in front of Amalfi or down close to the water, but it is very expensive (5 Euros per hour). In the evening the bus parking is opened for all cars. A bigger parking area is at the end of the port behind the mole. On Wednesday there is a market (not interesting) in Amalfi. Then nearly no parking is available.
In Positano: Fee parking. After reaching Positano you drive further till you see the sign Positano center. Then it goes down a narrow road. You see more and more parking areas. Take – if available – the last one before the road turns up the hill again.
In Sorrento: Fee parking – several options. If you want to take a boat to Capri, go into the center of Sorrento and then follow the signs to the port (porto). Then drive down, till you find parking at the end of the road. In summer you must not be too late as the parking may be already full. If this is the case try a private garage, which is further up the hill and built into the rock.

By taxi:

many of our guests choose not to rent a car, but use taxis or a combination of taxis/taxi boats or public buses for getting about. The taxi service is excellent along the coast but costs more.
Giovanni Benvenuto, Tel. +39 334 3078342, his email address is He has also an informative web site: or Gennaro Rispoli, Tel. 089 874370. They come from nearby Praiano.

By Taxi boat:

in summer most times the fastest way to go the Amalfi or Positano. If waves allow the taxi boat picks you up at the platform below the villa otherwise they leave from nearby Marina di Praia. Call La Sibilla Tel. 338 3508 555 or 089 87 4365. They come from nearby Marina di Praia.

By bus:

A very good and frequent bus service makes it easy to visit all the main attractions, towns and villages along the coast from Salerno to Sorrento as far as Napoli.
Attention: Only the tickets for the local bus, which connects the different parts of Praiano and Positano, can be bought in the bus. The tickets for the Sita buses which connect the other towns along the coast have to bought before in a bar or shop close to the bus stop e.g. in the Bar del Sole opposite the church, there you also get the time table.
If you have difficulties with reading the timetable ask the tourist office in Praiano. They are very helpful. The next bus stop is close to the villa. To get there turn left when you exit the villa and walk till you pass theh first tunnel. The bus stop is immediately after the tunnel (300 m/ 1000 feet).

By Scooter:

Not everybody will feel comfortable to rent a scooter and explore the coast, but in our view the best way to explore the coast. You can rent a scooter in nearby Praiano. See the activities/other activities  section.

By Boat:

The island of Capri is obviously only accessible by boat. Ships leave from Sorrento to Capri the entire year. Departures are almost every hour. Starting from May till October, you can also explore the Amalfi coast by  regular boat service, starting from Amalfi or Positano. Other options to see the impressive coast from the sea include renting a motor or sailing boat. See more information in the activity section.