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VILLA LA MADONNINA: magic CHRISTMAS at the Amalfi Coast

See how the local people celebrate Christmas, with cribs – some of them several hundred years old – in the churches and many private homes and with fireworks. See in Atrani (picturesque town close to Amalfi) the star descending from the mountain to the church. Visit the famous Christmas market in Napels where they sell all kinds of figures representing the holy family, sheep, and saints…. for the cribs. Or watch the midnight mess in the Grotta della Smeralda where 200 divers visit the underwater crib. Watch the historical costume parade on December 25th and 26th.

From Christmas to beginning of March nativity sets are displayed both in the different towns, in churches and in private homes. Especially interesting are the cribs in Praiano (see photos below), which can be seen the whole year. Around Christmas however they are beautifully illuminated. They show landscapes with churches, houses, and the people at work (like fishermen with their nets). They can be found alongside the main road – the Amalfitana – between the villa and the next village Praiano. Some are 15 m (45 ft.) long and 3 m (9 ft.) broad. Very nicely done.

Crib in Praiano