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VILLA LA MADONNA: Souvenirs from the Amalfi coast


Nice souvenirs are ceramics with traditional or modern design. The famous center for ceramics is in Vietri about 25 km (15 miles) in the direction of Salerno. There is also a nice museum there, which shows the history of ceramics. But the opening ours are very limited: 8.00 – 13.15 and 14:00 – 15:00 and it takes nearly an hour to go there. But if you go anyhow to Paestum it is on your way and it may be a good idea to pass by. Closed on Monday. Modern ceramics with old and contemporary design you find in many places along the coast. One shop, which is both close and good, is Ceramica LizArt in Praiano. You can also order plates with your initials or similar. They ship worldwide. You get a nice souvenir which reminds you every time you sea it of your vacation at the Amalfi coast. You find it a bid hidden but on the main road not far after the second tunnel. It is on the right side of the road. You see often an Italian lady sitting on the opposite side of the road who watches the traffic. See their web site: LizArt

Lemon products

The lemons of the Amalfi coast are world famous for their perfume and taste. Beside the climate some say that the unique quality is due to the fact that they grow on soil from Egypt, which was brought to the coast as ballast in the merchants sailing ships thousand years ago. There are some lemon trees on the property. For the daily use in the villa you can directly harvest them.
Nice souvenirs are soaps, candles or candies with lemon flavor or the famous liquor Limoncello.

Amalfi paper and antique paintings

Paper production has a long tradition in Amalfi and goes back to the 13th century. You can buy handmade paper made of 100% cotton rag, deckled-edge. In my view this is a very nice present. You find a good selection in a shop in Amalfi. Directly after the tunnel in Amalfi turn right, in one shop you find the linen paper and high quality old paintings, ceramics and antiquities.


Positano has a long tradition in fashion design and in older times also production, which you can buy in many shops there. It is not my taste but it seems to please many tourists.


In the ancient tower you can see from the villa is the studio of Paolo Sandulli who has been featured in several television broadcasts. He produces nice pieces of ceramics and paintings. Visiting his studio is very worthwhile as it is a nice walk. More information you find in the culture section of this web site: Paolo Sandulli